This is a conversion of the GIANTS FS-15 Farming Classics DLC. This is a collection of historical tractors and tools from the 1960s.

Changelog v1.0.1.0
– Animated dashboard gauges on all vehicles
– Added Rear Worklights to Schlueter_1500TVL
– Added ability to hire worker for Poettinger_300 & Fahr_KH4S
– Corrected Trailer Unload effect

– Corrected overfill on Krone_Optimat
– Changed tractors from 4WD to 2WD: Bucher_D4000, Hatz_H340
– Corrected grass bales
Changelog v1.0.1.1
– Added Tension Belt support to Small Bales
– Added hitch to Fahr APN

10 historical vehicles
Bucher D4000 | Buehrer RP21 | Deutz D80 | Guldner G40 | Guldner G40 Frontloader | Hatz H340 | Huerlimann D110 | Lindner BF450 | Bucher TRL2600 | Schluter 1500TVL

15 historical tools
Amazone ZA | BPF Cultivator 3-406 | Fahr KH 4 S | Fahr MH 650 | Fahr ADN | Hassia FS | Lemken D 27/55 K | Kuhn FA367 | Krone Optimat | Poettinger 300 | old water trailer | wooden slurry tanker | old trailer | Frontloader Fork and Shovel |

The bale loader required a script and was not included. A hitch was added (v1.0.1.1) to the Fahr APN to tow the Classic Bale Wagon mod.

Credits: Dogface

 FS17_FarmingClassics (file size = 70 MB)

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