– New Zunhammer color
– Bumper now also available on the 15500
– Vogelsang holder at 18500 taken away

This is a pack which includes 2 Zunhammer slurry tanks.

What does it have, what can it do?
– different ways to choose different tires
– Dynamic Hoses
– Brand choice: Zunhammer, Bauer, Eckart, Stapel

What is new?
– Rear hydraulic on the 18500L has been removed and replaced with a bumper
– new fenders
– new hopper at 18500

As I soon have 1000 subscriptions on Insta, this will be the early subscription special.
Since the LS 19 is just outside the door, I decided to release the barrel and let you have it in part.
This is the last mod of mine in the LS 17 and I say thank you for all.

Credits: Grundmodell: Giants Software, Seme/820PowerLS
Jd_Farmer, Jonas1_11, dajoe, Lukas2002

FS17_Guellefass_Pack (file size = 35  MB)

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