I wanted a trailer with a conveyor to the map of Russia. Everything that I could find from Russian or Soviet technology – Don 20 NPP authors: – = F @ RMeR = -, Denis Off. But to my regret, the physics of him left much to be desired. Changed his weight, put new wheels and awning. As a result, the don has ceased to be like himself.

As a result, it turned into Egritech BNP 20, although it has similarities with a real trailer at the level of ZERO !!!
The trailer with the screw conveyor from the Ukrainian producer of Egritech.
BNP 20 model
Capacity 20,000

The cost of 31 000/120
Standard / narrow twin wheels (1200)
Working awning
Tested for compatibility with Courseplay. Everything seems to be normal.
The log is clean.

AUTHOR: -=F@RMeR=-, Denis Off, BigBenShok
Installation: Move the file in ZIP format to the documents folder / my games / farmingsimulator2017 / mods /

fs17ru_egritech_bnp20 (file size = 11 MB)

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