Map includes:
Multi-fruit (millet, rye, oats, cotton, sugarcane & rice)
No pig or sheep just cows.
Mulit Terrain Angles

Map has custom geo built in if you play with seasons
Chopped Straw
Water Trough mod

What’s New in Version 4.0
Sheep has been added in across the road from livestock barn. Wool sell point is next to cotton selling area.
Grazing animals script has been built into the map. (For Cows & Sheep)
Vehicle Sell trigger has been set up at the main farm. Larger items can be pulled up next to door for return or to sell.
Special thanks to Spanky over on AEM, or optimizing the map (restructured files and got rid of a bunch of duplicates.) Also for adding in the ExtendedPlaceables script into the map.
(New save game required, foliage gas been moved and ground restructured a bit for new add ins)
Side note, pond next to the old barn in the grass pastures, is drying up and there is a bunch of mud.

Credits: CLaSalle06, Spanky

FS17_SouthernParishV4(file size = 496 MB)

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