Changes v1.04:
Words of the author:
1. Returned back the starting technique. The starting money script was a huge mistake.
2. Fixed a problem with plowing textures. The script for starting money was guilty.
3. Corrected pollution in animals.

4. Playing with the seasons now for hay, straw and grass – gortsi will pay. New career is not necessary to start! Archive unpack, in the archive is a map and pack starting equipment.

Map “Russia” with the functional DC. For the construction of its carpool you need to import building materials, there are factories like in a recreation center, in addition a meat processing plant and a textile factory. Cows are sold at the ITF, pigs at STF, and sheep and chickens from the Highlanders. If the production is not enough of a resource, everything you need to buy. In the brigade you can buy all the crops. At the vegetable base you can buy potatoes, beets, carrots. At STF you can buy food for pigs, hay, straw, silage. At MTF you can buy milk.

Credits: vladimir.loko

 Download (file size = 2 GB)

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