The pack includes:
1) Fortschritt E-281 forage harvester. Power: 110 h/p, speed: 25 km/h. Animation dashboard, right door, steering gear and moving parts. Mirrors, the choice of color discs, tow hitch. Light, beacon.

2) Fortschritt E-295 Corn Header. Working width: 3.3 m, working speed: 10 km/h.
3) Fortschritt E-296 Grain Header. Working width: 5.3 m, working speed: 15 km/h. 4) Fortschritt E-294 Picker. Working width: 2.8 m, working speed: 18 km/h. Washable. Log clean.

Credits: Nuu5t1k, A_BAUER

FS17_Fortschritt_E281 (file size = 18 MB)

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