Servus Ls 17 Fans, hereby I would like to introduce my map: Bayerwald Deluxe!

Version Beta 5
– Mod Beschreibung überarbeitet
– Moddesc Version überarbeitet
– USA Flagge entfernt

First of all !: This is a pure BETA !!! The card is NOT finished! The map is in full construction mode! Why will she be downloaded? Because my team lacks the time to regularly test for errors! Therefore, I thought to make it available to you! As a small thank you, I like to receive wishes, in the hope that I can implement each.

What has been done so far? Courtyard, as well as cow pasture and BGA enlarged!
The log shows me no log errors at the moment! Therefore the map Warning and Error is free!
What else will come? Much … there are always details, and about every 7 – 10 days comes a new update! We know that the card is not finished! Therefore, please only invite the people they test for us in about and possibly for those who do not want to switch to Ls 19 immediately or even not! Are there any updates on the Ls 19 time? Of course, I will tinker until about the end of 2019 on the map until then So – called Final Version comes!

The card is a standard card and will be rebuilt according to our ideas and your wishes! Is there a Ls 19 version? This is currently not planned!

Mapbau_Bayerwald_Delux (file size = 503 MB)

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