In the unquestionably unique profile of the Po Delta there is the territory created both by the sedimentation of the river and by the work of man who over the centuries has regimented the waters and reclaimed the land. In the Delta area, nature, history, tradition, culture and art intertwine, offering the visitor a new and surprising landscape. In the Delta there are various environments, each with peculiar characteristics: the countryside with the paleoalvei, the fossil dunes, the banks, the floodplains, the fishing valleys, the lagoons or the sacks and the sandbars. These elements of the landscape meet coming from the east, descending along the current of the Po and then we will follow this order to enter the Delta.

Currently the Po Delta is completely below sea level, except for embankments, sandbars and fossil dunes. The water management is under the control of the Delta Po-Adige Reclamation Consortium that manages an important drainage system with a draining system of 6000-7000 kw of power able to raise one billion cubic meters of water a year by placing it in the drainage channels.
the environment of the Delta furthest from the sea and is characterized by the absence of visible slopes, by a uniform ground and by the regular shape of the drainage net. You do not immediately perceive the difference between the Delta and the Po Valley, apart from a certain rarefaction of the most imposing trees and poplars. Also visible are the paleoalvei, ancient abandoned riverbeds, a complex of signs on the territory left by the activity of the rivers. They are configured as long series of bumps, even a few hundred meters wide, measured by 1-2 meters on the countryside level. The Delta campaign is a land of reclamation formed by the drying up of large pools of water and is very fertile, used entirely for agricultural and horticultural activities. As you approach the sea, the land changes its shape and goes from peaty to sandy. Even the colors change and make you understand the youth of the earth, going from a very dark gray, almost black, to a pearl gray.

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