This is my edit of the Unverferth 332 ripper stripper by Banks inc. (with permission to post)

What’s New in Version 1.0.1
I added a hitch to it so you can now use a pull behind tank also

I rescaled it to be 30 foot for realism.
I added the ability to apply liquid fertilizer with it. NOTE: no hitch tractor mounted tanks only
Automatically turns on and off when raised and lowered.

This mod does 3 functions in one pass, it satisfies the periodic plowing, leaves the cultivated texture and gives one stage fertilizer. This is realistic for my area. Guys set these to approximately 8 inches deep, apply fert. with them, and plant straight into stirps in the spring without working any ground.

Credits: Banks inc modding

FS17_Unverferth332 (file size = 38 MB)

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