Good evening!
I’ll put my loader (Roto Bull 6000) for download !!!

Even if the log, not quite error free, I’ll put the loader, still download.
I wish you a lot of fun with my loader. I hope he will like you.

Ps. Unfortunately it is a version with little, texture errors and few other errors. Unfortunately, I have no time to fix the errors. Because of work. But I hope you still have fun. In ls19, I will then make you complete loading wagons ready for download !.

Data for the loader wagon (Roto Bull 6000)

Price: 39,000
Volume: 50000
Km / H: 15 Km / h
Configuration: With button (X) you can add / remove ropes at the top. with knife & without
Dynamic-Hoses: Yeah
In the package: silage, knives, and of course the loader

Thanks to the helpers: PaTTicH, Creative_farming, MBTr4c1500P0w3r, MarcoLS, Heitzer’s Sofa Corner, Fabian-Gogobear, blade_or_die

FS17_mengeleRotoBull6000 (file size = 41 MB)

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