Hey ! I present to you my first map: Małopolska Village
The map is large, occupies the entire possible area, the map is superficially depicting the village of Czaniec from Podbeskidzie. The map lasted from March to mid-September.
The map has:
– 4 farms of various sizes
– Cows
– Pigs
– Sheep

– Chickens
– 236 fields (bought)
– 12 meadows (purchased)
– the ability to remove stones, trees and bushes from field boundaries
– the possibility of changing the straw in manure (in SKR and in the house)
– 1 large forest and a few smaller copses
– Sawmill
– Plank factory (boards sold in sawmill)
– Soy milk factory (we sell milk in SKR)
– Purchase of straw and hay
– 2 purchase of collections
– SKR / PGR operating as a biogas plant (we make silage there and sell it in a cowshed)
– Gates and gates open to the button
– Lights lit up on the button
– Mod chop
– Soil texture 360 / multiterrain
– real sky
– real mud
– Oats and Rye
– car traffic
– Interesting, heavily diversified area
– Climate of Podbeskidzie
– The map is fully compatible with Seasons

I hope that the map will appeal to you: D
The map can be used for other forums, but only with the original link and the author’s application

– Map editing
– reupload
– link changes

Credits: Paw3ll

FS17_MalopolskaWiesV1 (file size = 627 MB)

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