Welcome to Valley Crest Farm

Version 2.8
– New Heap Storage of the yard
– New traffic light
– Fix collector pallets (carpentry)
– New quarry (gold, lime)
– Fix Performance (Lag)
– New crash barriers

Version 2.7
– new location brewery
– Joinery has been enlarged
– Location Shop
– Site construction site
– new eggs Lay station
– new pigsty
– street smaller (BGA)

Standard Map with additional modifications.
• Feurewehr
• shop
• Sugar Factory
• 3 Transport company
• Sawmill
• Garage with workshop
• gravel rock dirt cracked asphalt cement concrete sand
• Quarry
• Palletproduce

As well as new roads, new train routes are also included.
Have fun with this map!

Credits: dammemax

DOWNLOAD (file size = 2 GB)

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