DEUTZ D13005 PROTOTYP V1.0.0.0

DEUTZ D13005 PROTOTYP V1.0.0.0
Deutz D13005 prototype
Today we present you a real “delicacy”.
Sure – so “real” is not this mod of course … but he looks really damn good 😉

What can he do?

Dynamic pants
IC control (Puma)
Front hydraulics (Modelleicher / Oylerhenry)
Swing axle (Oylerhenry)
better steering (model safe)

Why a prototype?
Quite simply … because it was fun to build this mod …

We thank all modders whose shares we have received !!
Have fun with the mod!

Vintage car team

FBM17_Deutz_13005_Prototyp(FILE SIZE = 39 MB)

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