Changes V2 version
New textures
Add seeds Big Bag filler
Add new cultures: Flax, oat and triticcate
Add Grazing animals
Added three cow pasture
Fix errors
Add Hose System

Chopped Straw (Requires additional mods)
Terrain angle (Real soil)
Real Mud
Purchasing Fields (Running Mission)
Rides the car
Walking people
Adapted to the Seasons mod
The walls of many buildings are not transported over
The original technique is given
Fully customizable on MP (Tested on Dedicatet server)
Clean log file

4px map (large)
Greyhound by real location (Using Google maps)
Chicken dogs
Walk in the foxes in the fields
Walking horse
Can be grown on farms: Cows, pigs and sheep
300 fields (Many fields are sown, of varying size, plotted on Google Maps)
Many factories
The factory of pallets and pallets
Compost Master
Potato washing
3 greenhouses
There is a garden where apples can be grown
Sand quarry
Running stationary
Grain Dryer
Liquid fertilizer can be stored in containers
You can grow fish
Milk can be sold on its own
Operating scales
Different sounds
Standard culture
Many farmsteads
There is a forest
Various roads

Required MODS
Chopped Straw

Credits: Giedrius

FS17_Griskabudis (file size = 824 MB)

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