The modification has:
– configuration:
brak kabiny / stara kabina / nowy kabina;
brak / number / inscription PGR;
choice of rims color;
narrow / wide wheel choice
-animation of pulleys;

– flaps opened [button K and L];
– removable left flap [at approach]
– doors with an IC panel and an approach
– fast speed [new cabin];
– real fumes;
– attached chopper belt [at approach];
– mobile harvesting elements;
– taken / removed beaks of the header [by approach];
– fully dirty [washable, washing with a washcloth]
-mod passenger;
– folded passenger seat [PANEL IC];
– several other functions.

Mod is not fit for the last button, which I regret, but the log is clean. Unfortunately, the laptop refused to obey, it happens.
I hope that I will find time for the next version and I will improve everything there is missing.

For more information on modifications to Farming, please visit FP

No change of link!
No editing!

Please, respect the prohibitions and downloading from the original source, is a free hosting without limits.

The file should be packed into MODS – it contains a combine harvester and a header.

Credits: Perkins, ikas

GIGANT_WYPAKUJ (file size = 60 MB)

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