The FS17 build of this map is now finished and it has took what seems forever to get to this point. The Freeze issue is now a thing of the past as it was found and correctly fixed at last. The map features Mutlifruits, GMF, Chopped Straw, Dirt & Terrain,

Custom textures and foliage, Custom Particles, Custom models, it’s fully optimised, many custom installs have been built in to keep you busy by some of the best mod makers around. The map has a custom twin BGA and it is now optimised for large tip quantities and fast product processing speed. The map includes the gold nugget challenge, both squared and natural shaped fields, many field missions, medium to very large fields, extended external map boundary for a more natural distance view, large riverside forestry section, animals with water trough mod, All installs have pallet movers with autosell including the wool pallets. The map has my custom silo and storage systems. Have fun with it and best regards Stevie.

Credits: Stevie

FS17_SherwoodsV33byStevieUNZIPME (file size = 737 MB)

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