In the package, two trucks and three semitrailers, in reality, their prototypes are produced in the city of Miass.
Ural M truck: the price is 30000 (250 euros per day), the capacity is 270 hp, max. speed 90 km / h, fuel tank 290 liters.

Urals The second truck: the price is 38480 (0 euros per day), the capacity is 240 hp, max. speed 70 km / h, fuel tank 560 liters.
3 trailers: Semitrailer awning, Semitrailer onboard, Semitrailer tank.
In version 2.0 Ural Next is added.

Credits: SDK, Kto-totutzdes, Addition Urals Next and work with residence permit Alexey Sapunov (alex1985)

fs17_ust_pak (file size = 85 MB)

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