– Engine Setup: 462 hp, 480 hp, 535 hp
– Selectable Attachers
– Selectable Rim Color
– Choice of Color
– Washable

Included IT Runner Trailers:
– ITR 26.33 Long Hitch
– Bergmann HT 50 MC
– Grain Container LM
– Joskin Betimax RDS 7500 ITR
– Flatbed ITR

Credits: Hou

NEWTatra_Phoenix_NewDecal (file size = 52 MB)

One comment

  • MikeG

    3 Points against this……
    1: The container, although giving the option to re-colour, will not.
    2: When the container is full, it and the truck shake noticeably.
    3: Also when the container is full, the truck will not move forwards, only in reverse.
    If the excuse is that another mod is conflicting with it, I run 30 mods in Stevie’s Beaver Creek, and none of those have any trouble.

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