This is a edited version of Goldcrest Valley. This version of the map has original fruittypes plus Sugarcane, Oat, Rye, Millet, Triticale and Spelt. It also have manual milk sell point and compost for fertilizing.
– Added manual milk fill point and sell point
– Adden flags with different brand names by the store
– Made the fence opening near the cows wider at field 27
– Fixed the issue (Error: Adding onCreate loaded object with duplicate saveId AnimatedObject_lightinside)
– Removed 2 gates

You need mod like Kotte Universal Pack for the milk, the milk doesn’t sell automatic anymore.
I also wanna give credit and thanks to all the creators that made the objects on this map!

Credits: Model/Texture/Script: Giants Software, °PriNcO°, fqC Art, Dogface, Team Wild (Nordfriese), NKB-Modding, AgroSketch, Mappers Paradise/Benw11, Fendtfan1, REV, Timoks_LS, Steffen30muc, Farmer_Andy, Marhu/kevink98, Forgotten Plants – Eribus and more…. If you find your mod/object on the map an i haven’t given you credit pls pm so i can add you!
Idea / Concept: Giants Software, °PriNcO°

FS17_Goldcrest_Valley_Multifruit (file size = 826 MB)

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