First up many thanks for all the kind messages regarding the passing of our gran you guys are superb thank you all.

Second up here is the new hopefully final Sherwood map update.

FS17 Sherwood Park Farm Seasons V2 Update.

A new game save must be started with this V2 update folks sorry but it is what it is. Some small bumps where removed from the terrain and some foliage was cleaned up. The mud distance maps were matched so it’s now completely invisible. All the adjustments made to clip distance, draw distance, terrain distance, foliage draw circle distance, matched shader distances, removal of hundreds of redundant rigid body settings and adjustment to gate Id’s are in this version. The Wool pallet spawner and mover were also replaced. Owned fields now have a starting fertlized state. Revised starting storage amounts added. Xml updated were needed ad more. Finding the freeze that some users have had is extremely difficult as I never had it. Hopefully this works for most of you who have.

Credits: Stevie

Download (file size = 1 GB)

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