Welcome to NewCrest. This is an visual and convenience overhaul of Goldcrest Valley.
Decided to share my edit of the map so my friends can join in multiplayer, but i guess everyone is welcome to take a look 🙂
Farm was redesigned to accommodate all animal zones, 2 silage clamps, basketball court and a swimming pool…

Fields remain the same but there is plenty of space for expansion. After you buy more fields you can transform your farm to accomodate placeables, sheds or factories if you use mods (Ground Modification mod recomended).
Old sheep and cow zones where replaced by grass, pig area was morphed into an extension of the forest area.
BGA accepts tipping if you so choose, and the second silage sell point was moved from the barn to Marys farm where you buy your animals, made more sense to me (Use manure sell trigger, grain trigger wouldnt accept silage).
Have fun!

Credits: NOLLIE

Download (file size = 539 MB)

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