Ursus functions:
– Opened door and mask for approach,
– Removable mask for approach,
– Detachable turn to approach,
– Removable beam for approach,

– Adjustment of the lower drawbar to the approach,
– Opened pane and roof,
– Operating wiper,
– Silenced cabin,
– Hand mod,
– Rain effect on the windows,
– Movable wajchy and pedals,
– mobile mud flushes,
– Mobile front axle,
– Full steering animation,
– Illuminated clocks,
– Movable tip of the tachometer,
– Dynamic camera,
– Input animation,
– Hand brake,
– Flames during work,
– Moving door,
– Dynamic exhaust system

Credits: Authors of the model: Marcello & Bociek
Programming: Mikolaj1998 (formerly Calak)

Ursus_C330_Mikolaj1998 (file size = 58 MB)

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