SK-10 ROTOR V0.2.0.0

The combine harvests standard crops, the volume of the bunker is 6 cubic meters, the power is 250 hp.

Changes in version
– added bought straw chopper (in the store is in the section “harvesters”)
– discharge collapsed discharge auger
– When landing in the harvester, the ladder is folded into the transport position

– The sliding of the combine and trolley is corrected
– added drive chain to the header PSP10
– corrected some visual shortcomings
– added trailer hitch (in the choice of configurations)

The choice of design: the design of 1985, or 1987. In addition, three grain headers are included: JU-6 (6 m gripper), JU-7 (7 m gripper), and JU-8,6 (8,6 m gripper) -can choose one of the three coloring options , as well as the side shields. Still there is a header for harvesting sunflower PSP-10 (you can harvest corn) and a pick-up platform for the selection of rolls. In the bag there is a trolley for transporting the harvesters.

– If the header of the PSP-10 is attached, it is recommended to remove the flaps of the inclined chamber on the combine, as they will look out of the header.
– Working with the pick-up platform is recommended to immediately start chopping the straw, otherwise a large mass of straw from the combine may lead to an uncomfortable position. When working with a pick-up, the yield is normal, that is, the hopper is filled as it should.
Mod is in the beta version, it means there will be a revision

Credits: Model: Shnurok

FS17_SK10_BetaNEW (file size = 104 MB)

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