AMUR 680 V1.0.0.1

Current version is
Self-propelled self-propelled harvester on a caterpillar track with a storage hopper, manufactured by the Dalselmash plant with a set of cutters from Dalselmash and RSM.
Price: 76000
Service: 450

Engine power: 185 hp
Speed: 21 km / h
Bunker capacity: 12000
Reapers now do not interfere with the movement.
Added MIP maps to textures
The straw is removed from the pick-up (then we will remake this moment)
Other incomprehensible things for many, which you do not need nafig, but gigants are needed.

Credits: AVSR, Kuzia94, Giants Software, Wed

FS17_Amur680_1_ (file size = 86 MB)

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