Converted Westbridge Hills map from FS15 to FS17.

Version 1.3.1
– Fixed missing straw on fields

Version 1.3
– Sugarcane added
(The .zip filename same (1.2) just replace the older version. So you do not have to start a new game)

Version 1.2
– fixed sheeps feeder
– minor changes on farm
– single building deleted on farm

Original map by GIANTS, converted to FS17 by Holecsko. I just modified.
Now absolutely flat and have bigger fields. Some building was deleted. All other things standard.
V1.3 – Sugarcane added (The mod name same just owerwrite the older version so you dont need start a new game.

Credits: Model: GIANTS, converted to FS17 by Holecsko, modified by Hungarikum

FS17_Westbridge_Hills_flat_map_v1_2 (file size = 663 MB)

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