Sawdust mod simulates woodchips falling to the ground when cutting down trees or cutting off branches. The woodchips need to be transported or cleaned then. While the chainsaw is in use it is possible to set the dust intensivity between 0(off) and 3(max). It is set to 2 by default. The woodchips will only be generated if the ground allows tipping of material.

Ver. 1.2.2
– fix dedicated server issue

Ver. 1.2.1
– fix error in multiplayer

Ver. 1.2.0
– fix issue with Seasons Wopstr instrument
– code refactoring

Ver. 1.1.1
– fix for some treesaw error

Ver. 1.1.0
– added sawdust to stump cutter and tree saw like DFM TurboSaw
– other minor adjustment

Credits: fcelsa

17_sawdust  (file size 17 KB)

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