This is the John Deere 6000 4 cyl, (i.e. 6100-6400, 6110-6410) all with correct horsepower and diffrent configurations.
It’s not my mod, but i converted it and cutt off all the multiple materials on one model. I drawed the molcon twinwheel connectors.

I know, it’s far, far from being perfect, but fs19 is coming already.
I dont have time to draw a proper model, and not enough time to improve it really but as noone really properly converted this one i did.
IF you want improve it, (really improve, no shit) upload as v1.1 INCLUDING a changelog.

What’s included:
Different tire configurations (Trelleborg, MIchelin)Different frontloader configurations
Different engine configurations
Different rim configurations
Different design configurations (SE, or normal)
Different fender configurations
Optional front linkage
Horrible sound
Enjoy the mod!

Credits: JulenJD

FS17_JohnDeere6000Series (file size = 56 MB)

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