biggest in the world excavator pack 1.5
+ Excavator 2x larger, but easier to place. adjusted collisions, now you can climb the giant digger. the rotor is rotating.
+ a giant silo to store soil
+ three new factories

production of pallets in a row. When a pallet is filled, the next one begins to fill. autoload compatible . very fast : “ProduktPerHour”=40000 “updateIntervall”=1
sell your pallets in the bank.
“MCompanyFactory” is the new script for your factory buildings! The script used to be called “factory script” but since it has been developed and got many new versions, we decided to use this new name.

installation : unzip the files in your mods folder: Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2017\mods
Aforge_placeable ; compactadirt ; FS17_AAA_More_Material_v1_5 ; FS17_sandescavator_placeable ; fs17_washplant_placeable_ModLandNet
note = to work multiplayer let the compressed files in zip format
important: if you have an old version of this mod replace everything. this update has changed everything. you need to have all mods installed to work properly.

known issues :
-bad texture when knocking down gold, iron on the floor
-incompatible with mining maps

Feel free to comment any questions or errors or compliments and suggestions.

Credits: fabriciosscorza

Aforge_placeable (file size = 187 MB)

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