The map depicts a fictional american style farm area with separate farms for arable farming, dairy cows, pigs and sheep.

The map contains 8 varied selling locations, 2 egg selling points and 3 free water points. There are triggers for filling and selling milk but you will need to add the StopMilkSale mod if you want to stop the automatic sale at midnight.
There are two locations on the map where you can buy and sell slurry and manure.

Starting equipment, money and owned fields are determined by the difficulty level you choose when you start a new savegame.
Hope you enjoy the map.

Credits: Models by: Giants, Frontier Designs, Oxygendavid, BulletBill, CBJ Midwest Modding, BigHoss, FarmerJohn[jfhmodding]
Creative and Testing Team:
FarmerJohn[jfhmodding], DeltaBravoProductions, Hammer51Gaming, 4D4M

Modding_Mania_OBrien_Farms (file size = 776 MB)

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