Welcome to Blackthorn Valley, fictional map based in North Yorkshire.
The map will comprise of;
3 different livestock farms
1 arable farm
Small village

Sell points
A variety of field sizes

Credits: Map Author Dales_farmer

Special thanks to the following;

BulletBill and OxygenDavid of Frontier Design
robbie for his various map objects
flatlander84 for his tutorials

Map objects;

teccer – FSUK
Farmfarm – FSUK
Chocolatecake2001 – FSUK
RWModding (robbie) – FSUK
Mappers Paradise (BlobbyFarmer) – FSUK
Benw11 – FSUK
VBM MOdding – Modhub
83rnd – Modhub
Team Wild (Max Wild) – Modhub
somnio – Modhub
Docspock – FSUK
Locke – Modhub
BocieK17 – Modhub
arii – Mod Hoster
22mmNormandy – Modhub
AgroSketch – Modhub
Desperados93 – Modhub
Maca – Modhub
Fendtfan1 – Modhub
NKB-Modding – Modhub
Blacksheep Modding – Modhub
Realistic Farmers – Modhub

FS17_moddingMania_Blackthorn_Valley (file size = 621 MB)

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