Our Russian territory maps Kurai, in addition there is a pack of ZIL and other mods.

– Various minor fixes
– Fixed a relief on 12th field
– Fixed the economics of sawmill
– Fixed silo pits (silo no longer hides under the texture)

Changes 1.4:
– Two points of sale of flour
– Added meat processing plant
– Added a road along the 12th field
– Added car workshop to the base
– The garage at the point of discharge of technology is functional, and has a car repair shop

Changes 1.4.1:
– Fixed bakery

Changes 1.4.2:
– Fixed opening of all gates
– Added Kurai Stella

Changes 1.4.3:
– Added sugar cane

Changes to the map 1.5:
Added and remade:
Added mod-climate to season fashion (Season Mod);
Compatible with Season Mod;
Added a sugar-starch factory;
The dairy plant added;
The company has added chipboard;
Added sites for purchased objects.

I corrected the road near the swamp;
Many small fixes;
Redraw the fields on the PDAs.

I removed the puddle about loading milk on the barn;
Front backs of the trains;
A new game is not needed.

Credits: Ту4ка Коу

Download (file size = 1 GB)

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