On this map you can enjoy the winter wonderland and extensive logging.

Changelog (
– Tree physics are now the same as the goldcrest map.
– Increased the distance before the trees blur out.
– Per player requests, a pickup and chainsaw are the only default vehicles.
– Added new ice and updated texture files to be console compatible.
– First version for consoles.

Changelog (
– First map for mod hub.
– Added buy and sell vehicle icons.
– Added vehicle sell point.
– Added sell point stripe markers.
– Lowered the box around the unload wood sell point.
– Replaced loading screen.
– Replaced PDA map.
– Replaced wood pit sell ramp.
– Removed wood sell ramp.
– Removed the drive thru wood sell point.
– Removed curb around the gas station
– Removed tipCol info layer which was causing the chips to not unload onto the ground.
– Moved “Visit” icon so players no longer get stuck in the wood pile by the sell point.
– Cleaned mod zip file for modhub requirements.
– Fixed all textures for console compatability.

Credits: FDR Logging and MyrithisCatalyst

FS17_FDR_Map_ArcticLogging_MC (file size = 192 MB)

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