Hey. I apologize to you that you had to wait for this map for a long time but it was released and after some time I had to remove it but added again: D I will not hide anything from you, the map has some small mistakes.

Also put on a group so much about the farming and my maps, modelsย ๐Ÿ™‚ย We are killing 1k members.

Leave the sub and paw up and welcome commentย ๐Ÿ™‚

Music is not my property and I do not claim rights to it.
โ€“ KSHMR & Marnik โ€“ Bazaar
โ€“ Map author: Frugo7502

The map has:
โ€“ 3 multi-purpose farms
โ€“ About 65 fields and 7 meadows
โ€“ Forests of various sizes
โ€“ Large, medium, small fields
โ€“ Polish climate
โ€“ Trees and ditches add a nice Polish climate
โ€“ Purchase of machines
โ€“ Purchase of grain
โ€“ Purchase of animals
โ€“ Purchase of bales, shavings and wood
โ€“ Gates opened on the โ€œOโ€ and LPM keys
โ€“ Feeding cows in the cowshed
โ€“ Cows, pigs, chickens
โ€“ Filling of cereals, spraying on the farm
โ€“ Triger kiprowania animals around the cowshed and in the purchase of animals
โ€“ And much much more

Prohibitions !!!
โ€“ No publishing for other forums !!!
โ€“ No change of the author !!!
โ€“ No editing !!!
โ€“ No change of link !!!
โ€“ It is forbidden to take models of buildings !!!

โ€“ Have a nice game!

Credits: Frugo7502

Lubelskie_Klimaty_2017ย (file size = 859 MB)

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