Mod of the pulp, fs17
The mod contains 2 types of pulp:
– Dry pellets in the form of pellets
– Wet glasses

The mod is automatically added to the animal trays
Dry pulp: Cows and sheep
Wet pulp: Cows and pigs
Wet coils can be added to the feeder as an ingredient for tmr (required for the pulp module)
You can store wet pulp in a silo (you can also cover it with foil, but the pulp will not change its nutritional values)
Wet meat can be purchased in the form of bales

Set contains:
– FS17_beetPulp
– FS17_bigBagContainerPellets
– FS17_MoreSiloType
– UPK_beetPulpSilos
– AAA_UniversalProcessKit
– FS17_BuyBales
– FS17_siloKingTrailerLineDuo_BP

It is important to activate all modifications that the pack contains because errors may occur or the mod will not work
Autors: Farmer_andy Ifkonator Tali’ZoraH SimonKnight
Testing: Pan Bartosz Games i Jakub Kiereœ Tali’ZoraH

Wyslodki (file size = 11 MB)

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