This PL75 gives you the opportunity to take more than one palette
Do you care that the Damcon PL75 can only carry one pallet?
Here is the solution.

That’s done:
– Attached on both sides of a small platform that allows the entrainment of up to 8 additional pallets. But this is too heavy for the vast majority of tractors.
– Tensioning straps installed to secure the additional pallets
– In addition, you will find both seedling pallets in the pack with reduced weight and the large weight with 7t mass.

With a little front ballast, two additional boxes can be transported realistically.

Plans for the future:
– Suspension at the rear to solve the weight problem
– obstruction of lights
– dynamic pants
– if necessary, the possibility to adjust the planting ingame

Credits: CCLs LS Bilder und Mods

FS17_PL75Extended (file size = 9 MB)

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