Changelog to V3.0.0.0:
– Color choice extended
– Smartphone with display for time, operating hours, cruise control and rotary number
– Preparation for AdBlue-, HandBrake-, and OilChange-Mod (Mods do not have to be, goes without)
– Alö console installed
– Standard front loader now with DH connections

Important: All ads and animations for the oil change, AdBlue and handbrake go only if you also have the appropriate mods in the modfolder.
These mods do not necessarily have to be used, but are recommended if you want to have the functions in the vehicle as well.

Update to V2.5.0.0
– 2 additional hydraulic connections at the back (suitable for my It Runner Pack) – other license plate lighting – Interior lighting extended

The following has already been done by OylerHenry:
– Interactive Control (door left and right, rear window)

Change from me to V2.0.0.0:
– color choice limited (8 colors to choose from)
– rim color choice (colors like the body)
– Terminal selection (18 different ones to choose from)
– optional interior decoration, outside decoration or both
– License plate according to engine variant
– DynamicHose front and back
– DoorOpener (open the door from the outside)
– Indoor Sound installed- New Storepic
– other horn entered
– other schema image
– additional tire configurations:
Wide tires with weight, TM900 with and without weight (front 710/60 R30 and
rear 900/60 R38), Terra tires, twins at the back, twins complete

Further information: Purchase
price: 172,000 €
Maintenance: 200 € / day
Lifetime: 2000
Tank capacity: 430 liters

Latest patch needed
Copyright by Forbidden Mods

Credits: Giants Software GmbH
Modder: Bonecrusher6 (FBM Team)
Freigabe: OylerHenry

FBM17_MF7700_BC6SS (file size = 40 MB)

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