Hi guys and gals!

I have a FS17 mod release of a 2017 Dodge Ram limited 1500 crew cab, Credits goto: Original Mod- Unknown author, Mammoth 222, Model- NorthWest Modding, and Edited by: Different Breed Modding! Let’s go check out this mod release!

Rico Suave of Different Breed Modding (owner), did this awesome edit of a Dodge Ram limited 1500 for his members of Different Breed Modding for Christmas! As for what all he edited on the truck, he changed the tires and gave it a nice lift! He put a nice lightbar along the top in the front of the truck, as well as a pushbar on the front. There’s a chainsaw, and a tool box he put on the back, as well as a headache rack. He added sounds to the truck and redid the lights, all of Rico’s work was done in GE. This FS17 mod release is awesome!

Credits: Original Author Unknown, Mammoth222 Model: NW Modding Edit by: Different Breed Modding

DBM_DODGE_1500 (file size = 153 MB)

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