This is an Edit of KMN’s John Deere 9R V1. Because the original File is 135mb big (high poly mod & big texture files) I shrinked everything down to less than 43 mb. I also added an attachable Front Weight and a Pitbull & Degelman Blade for silage work.

The Tractor is vanilla scripted, so no IC-Control and stuff. Have Fun and enjoy!

Have fun & enjoy.

Update 5.0.4.: Decreased i3d size. The tractor size is now down to a little above 43mb, minor tweaks, new setups (exhausts, wheels)

Credits: KMN Modding, TechMod a.s, Ghost, BK Modding, Killerrf

JD9R_UNPack (file size = 66 MB)

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