Front loader pack DH by Bonecrusher6
Here is the front loader pack from me.
The idea came through my MF’s, wanted to offer you a matching set.

Have been done:
– DynamicHoses installed on the front loader and some blades
– Brand choice for front loaders (none, Hydrac, Massey Ferguson or John Deere)
– Brand choice for the blades (none, Bressel and Lade, Kock and Sohn, Hekamp, Hauer or Quicke)
– Buckets with FillVolume in 2 variants (normal and HC / the HC variants have a higher capacity, are more suitable for the large FL)
– adapted color choice for my MF 5600 and MF 7700
– The tree trimmer of the JCB skid steer loader adapted to the front loader and integrated into the pack
– other schemes
– other story pictures
– various xml adjustments

The different capacities could have been installed by script directly into the blades, but personally I prefer the solution I applied.
A suitable update for my 5600er and 7700er MF will follow soon.
The data for prices, maintenance, capacities, etc vary depending on the device and equipment, so here is no more specific information.

Latest patch needed

Tomorrow we will release the appropriate Massey Ferguson.

Credits: Giants Software GmbH
Modder: Bonecrusher6 (FBM Team)
DynamicHoses Frontlader: Der Tester (FBM Team)
DynamicHoses Schaufeln: unbekannt
Bilder: Marc B. (FBM Team)

FBM17_FrontladerSet_BC6 (file size = 16 MB)

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