VALMET 02 PACK V1.1.5.0

-Fixed dashboard lights not working

502 was the legendary model which made Valmet finally well-known world wide, and 602 is it’s successor, made to decrease the gap between 502 and bigger 702.

Years: 1977-1982
Three-cylinder 2.7 litre Valmet 310B engine with 49hp/2300rpm, torque 170Nm/1300rpm
Gears: 6+2
Speeds: 3,6-30km/h
Wheels: Front: 7.50-16, Back: 14.9-30
Fuel tank: 65 liters
Weight: 2650 kg

Years: 1978-1982
Three cylinder 3.3 litre Valmet 310C or CS (Turbo) engine with 58 to 66 hp
Gears: 6+2
Speeds: 3,6-33,4km/h
2WD: 7,50-16/13,6-36
4WD: 11,2-24/13,6-36
Fuel tank: 60/65 liters
Weight: 2750-2940kg

-Fixed the leaning problem
-Updated store images
-Optimized some textures
-Added frontloader tools
-Added front linkage
-Added indoor light
-Some minor fixes
-Added new configuration for additional worklights

Credits: Farmari99

FS17_Valmet02 (file size = 54 MB)

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