HURLIMANN H488 + XM T4I V1.0.0.0

I would like to present both standard Hürlimann tractors for download.

Tractor changes:
Hürlimann H488:
Twin wheels (medium width)
Twin wheels rear (narrow version)

Warning signs via IC control
halogen light

Hürlimann XM T4i
Twin wheels (narrow version)
Warning signs via IC control
rear wheels were replaced with the twin wheel size with other wheels
the brake and taillight was removed at the rear of the rear lights
in the twin wheel configuration, the fender’s angle of rotation has been adjusted, but they still turn a little into the model and the twin wheels go into the fender)
Cooling fan sound was installed

The rest is standard.
Furthermore, before someone starts with the whining that the IC control is missing: The IC control was installed by me, but I do not have the ability, or have the appropriate program not to the doors, side windows, roof windows, rear window and if necessary, also to separate the front disc from the model and to set the XYZ coordinate axis to the effective center of rotation. Therefore, the windows and doors remain closed. At most, someone would report to me and would prepare these components, this would be included in an update.
I wish lots of fun with the two mods.

Credits: Script: Giants Software / AgrarDani

Huerlimann_Pack (file size = 44 MB)

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