The pack includes the Niva SK-5 harvester and the LCS-5 reaper. Combine Rostselmash Niva CK-5: – Equipped with lighting. Mirrors. It gets dirty. Dust and marks from the wheels. Animation of particles and mechanisms. – There is a choice of the color of the cabin. – Engine installation “CMD 17K” (basic) power 100 hp, “CMD 19K” power 120 hp, “CMD 21K” power 145 hp. and “MM3 D.260.1” power of 155 hp.

– Maximum speed from 22 km / h to 45 km / h, depending on the installed engine. – The fuel tank capacity is 300 liters. – Volume of a grain bunker of 3000 liters. Harvester Hard Stream GKS-5: – Working speed 10 km / h – Working width 4 m. – Removes: wheat, barley, canola, soy. – There is a choice of colors. – It gets dirty. – Animation of particles and mechanisms. – Adjustment position threshed.

Credits: Monax Сompany©, GIANTS Software

FS17_NivaRostselmash_Pack (file size = 28 MB)

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