Hello, today is it so far, the V1 of the 8130a SK2 we provide you times.

Version 2
– Model has been revised
– 3 selectable tachos (anolog round, anolog, digital)
– 6 selectable engine upgrades (exhaust + exhaust damper, exhaust pipe, rear cotis, rear kottis)
– Interior textures reworked
– FL Konosle replaced (which was added by the Plus 768) + Dynamic Hose ready

– FH is jz also Dynamic pants ready
– Pfelgereifen installed
– Siloking terminal installed
– Girmme terminal installed
– Exhaust wiggle script installed
– light used look was gamcht (stickers scratched)
– Steyr Infomat installed (IC control)
– Dooropener V3 script installed, (right door can now also be opened from the outside)

It would still have been planned one or the other but we will then integrate into updates. 🙂
The basis is the Steyr 8110a Turbo SK2. The 8130 has the features of the 8110a SK2 and the 8090a Turbo SK2.
The snow chains + twin tires are on
ATTENTION: This entry is extended / updated.

Construction period: 1984 – 1995 / (96)
Engine: Steyr WD611.88 (110 PS, as of BJ 1992 115 hp)
Transmission: STEYRMatic
Tank capacity: 140l
BJ: 1993
Weight: 4440 kg
Type plate
Sound is from colleagues John his 140 PS strong Steyr 8130a Turbo SK2 municipal
The snow chains no longer fit the tire profile as well. The times would have to be reworked. The twin wheels have no tire tracks and originate as well as the snow chains from LS13? / LS15 from CebuljCek Modding. We installed the twin tires + snow chains as “emergency solution”, because we work on several projects at the same time.
We ask for your understanding.

Functions: from the outside:
Removing / removing front fender
Doors on / off button R
Open / close left button R
Opening / removing snow chains (front / rear) Button R
Twin tire (rear only) on / off button R

Shop configurations:

Coupling Products:

Standart: (only atacher joint, intended for buyable frontweights or harness)
Front muzzle: (atacher joint installed, for riding trailers)
Front hydraulics + front sprocket
Snow plow + atacher Joint
Front weight holder

Front loader attached:
Yes or no

Engine version:
Standard engine: WD 611.88 (115 hp)
Optional: stronger injection pump (+10 HP)

Wheel setup:

Standard tires: front: 380/85 / R24 rear: 460/85 / R38
Wide tires: front: 540/65 / R24 rear: 600/65 / R38
Care: front: 230/95 / R34 rear: 230/95 / R44


RUL (round light): intended for the “normal” / red-white version
Standart (nix)
RUL (RUL only)
Electronic (EHR + Ekectronic lettering on the side plates)
Roof light (rear roof light)
Electronic + RUL
Roof light rear + RUL
Electronic + RUL + rear roof light
Electronic + roof light
Different designs (eg municipal, forestry, Marshall, …)

Other functions:

IC control:

Front, rear, side windows, roof hatches and doors (including door closing sound) for opening / closing
FH-Unterlenker, co-driver’s footrest and sun visor fold in / out
windshield wipers
cabin light

Animated / Illuminated:

Tacho, tank and temperature display
Indicators / warning lights (including turn signal (from a Steyr 8130a SK2))
Blinker / warning light indicator works as in real:
Tractor alone = 1 beam flashes
Tractor + 1 trailer = 2 lights flashing
Tractor + 2 trailers = 3 lights flashing
license plate light
Charge indicator light integrated (battery lit jz at engine start)
“Provisional” animated pedals; Accelerator pedal, brake pedal + clutch: IMPORTANT! Drive control with active reversing circuit (green arrow must be visible -> direction change) otherwise the pedal animation does not fit. (Select tractor)
At selected tractor without attached trailers / equipment: animated rear hydraulic + lever (right in the tractor) KEY V,
Animated lever for the PTO coupling (on the left in the tractor) BUTTON B is a small toy so that something moves in the cabin, that is pure optics, so that the levers with attached devices move you need a suitable script, we guess. 🙂 With trailers attached you can lift the HH (rear hydraulic) (tractor must be selected) and the lever moves.
The lever for the ZWK (Zapfwellenkupplung) can be switched on / off at any time (tractor must be selected), it has no function, it is purely optical.

Indoorsound (reacts to open windows or doors)
Working light front Button NUM 5
Working light rear button NUM 6
swing axle
Behrahrerskript installed
Low beam + high beam light yellow as well as in real life

Required / Recommended Mods:
Drive Control:–2
Front loaders:
Gearbox Add On:
A big thank you goes to Max (MB 3D modeling) because he always lets us change his Steyr 8080a SK1 model and gives us the release release (= his original DL link). (This was introduced to LS13 times by us (STEYR Modding) so and with it (MB3D modeling) arranged.) Thanks to all users who regularly in Facebook: STEYR Modding Team participate in our surveys.
STEYR Modding Team in FB:
MB3D Modeling in FB:
A buddy or supporter of us:
When uploading on other sites, please use the original DL link and do not forget to enter credits.
When uploading on other sites, please use the original DL link and do not forget to enter credits.
We wish you much fun and joy with this mod. 🙂

Credits: STEYR Modding Team
(Unknown000, steyrmodder, domi, john)

STEYR_8130aTurbo_SK2_Used (file size = 47 MB)

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